Brighton Home appliances Co., Ltd is an importer of small household appliances founded in 2001. The company is mainly engaged in importing and marketing Home appliances, kitchenware, ceramic ware, porcelain ware, gift ware & glass / crystal ware.

Our products are well known for excellent outlook design, reliable

quality, best performance, competitive & reasonable price.

This enables us to gain the greatest faith and support from our customers.

We sincerely welcome all suggestions & ideas by our friends & customers to join and let us create a prosperous future together.

Our belief and commitment is "to always put quality first" and we guarantee our customer's satisfaction.

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Pewter ware trays & tea sets

Beautiful and unique / Different layout / Rated Arabesque motifs

Kitchen scales

The difference with the Brighton Digital scales .

Kitchen Knife sets

Different service kitchen knife

Kettle Sets

Enamel kettle porcelain tea pot sets / Stainless steel kettle porcelain tea pot sets

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